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Instant Pot Giveaway!

In a hurry to make dinner? You will LOVE this amazing tool! Cooks in a fraction of the time of conventional cooking!

HUGE NEWS!  We’re having a Instant Pot Giveaway!  All you have to do is enter your email (further below this post) and you could be on your way to owning your very own Instant Pot!

Why Do You Want An Instant Pot?

If you love to cook or ‘have to cook for family’, but you don’t want to wait hours for something to cook in a slow cooker, or if you hate doing dishes (oh yeah…who doesn’t hate doing dishes!?)…then don’t miss out on this ok.

You’ll never have to wait HOURs again with your new Instant Pot!

And get this…it’s kinda an AWESOME kitchen appliance to end all kitchen appliances!

What’s cool about the Instant Pot is that it cooks with steam under high pressure.

So food is cooked up to:   75% Faster.

Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker and Warmer

*US Only
*Must provide shipping address if you are chosen to get one!

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