My Grandkids Were Making Me Sick!

Immune Boosting Organic Supplement


I love my grandkids more than anything in the world but you know how when little kids start going to school they come home and share the icky nasty cold bugs with you? Well, every time my grandkids came home with something and shared it with the whole family I was exposed too.

Unfortunately I have had pneumonia a few times and sometimes that’s what would happen when I was exposed to their colds. I realized that I needed to boost my immune system somehow. At the same time I was also having an issue with my esophagus that was caused by an auto-immune disorder.

So it was pretty important to find a way to rebuild and boost my immune system to combat these issues!

I found a natural and organic supplement that I thought I should try so I started taking it. Well, here we are about 3 yrs. later and I’m so extremely pleased to tell you that I have been cold and flu free this whole time and I no longer have any of the issues (regular heartburn was one and it is completely gone, haven’t had any in 3 yrs!) I was having with my esophagus as well!!!! YIPPPEEEEE!!!

So a while back I started recommending this supplement to friends and family. One dear friend in particular had a really difficult battle with cancer and was very weak from the strong radiation and chemo treatments she had undergone for such a long time. Well, I’m so happy to tell you that she started taking these supplements too and all I can say is WOW! What a difference! She looks terrific and has 100 times more energy now!!

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